Nevada Insurance 101 - Learn why the cheapest deal isn’t always the best deal.

Learn why the cheapest deal isn’t always the best deal.

How To Get More Bang For Your Buck

This blog’s message contains tips on how to get more “bang for your buck.”

Many consumers try to get the “best deal” possible which translates as “cheapest” for many, however, the cheapest may or may not be the best fit for you and your family.  Carefully research the plans for the one that best meets both your health and financial needs.

Consumers need to consider the unique needs of themselves and their families. For example, if you are young and healthy, you may want to consider a catastrophic or bronze plan, rather than a gold plan which will be more expensive yet provide benefits less likely to be required. The point is to get health insurance coverage for what you and your family need, so that you won’t spend money on services you are unlikely to use during the year.

It is important to remember that the higher the out-of-pocket cost, the lower the monthly premium will be and vice versa. If you are young and healthy you may be able to assume the risk of a higher out of pocket deductible, paying a lower monthly premium.

Consumers that purchase specific high deductible health plans may also have a health savings account (HSA). With this option consumers put money into the HSA account at their own pace to help pay for their deductible or their portion of the medical cost.  It offers tax and financial planning opportunities.

The Division posts the cost and the supporting documents for all health insurance policies for individual and small group markets on and off the Exchange at Reading this material will help you make a better more informed decision for a health insurance plan that fits the needs of you and your family.


Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone should shop for coverage...even if you already have insurance. There are new plans available each annual enrollment period so you should be sure to review your options. Even if you decide to stay with your current plan, here are some questions you should ask to be sure that you pick the plan that is best for you.

  • Does the health plan cover your preferred doctor?

  • Are your current medications covered by this plan?

  • Are you eligible for a subsidy?

  • Do you anticipate high or low medical expenses next year?

  • Is the premium affordable?

  • Is the deductible affordable?

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